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Save Up to 50% Off on PDR-WSP Series Spin Down Sediment Filters!
Drink Pure Water

Is Your Water Pure Magic? Unveiling the Vital Role of Exceptional Filters

Have you ever wondered if the water you drink is magically pure? It is often assumed that water, especially filtered water, is blissfully pure. However, contaminants may still be lurking, even after being filtered. With the importance of water quality cannot be emphasized enough, a tremendous amount of its purity can be attributed to its filter. Join us as we explore the fascinating world of water filtration, delving into the crucial role played by exceptional filters and navigating the realms of clarity and embracing the magic within every drop.

Drink pure water
Regulated Water Misconceptions
The regulation of public water supply in the United States under the Clean Water Act ensures strict adherence to quality standards, which provides consumers with a false sense of security. However, not all potential contaminants are regulated, and post-treatment issues such as pipeline leaks can introduce dangerous pollutants. Aging infrastructure, common in houses built before 1986, poses additional risks due to the use of outdated materials like lead pipes and fixtures, potentially violating modern standards and leading to hazardous health consequences for those who regularly drink from this water supply.

Assessing Water Composition: EPA Reports and Consumer Confidence Reports (CCR)
To accurately understand the composition of the water supplied by vendors, consumers can access EPA-regulated Consumer Confidence Reports. In cases where these reports are unavailable, vendors are obligated to provide their CCR upon request. However, given potential downstream contamination, the only foolproof method to identify water composition is to invest in testing by local water quality laboratories.

Choose Under-Sink Filters: Instant, Efficient Water Upgrade
When it comes to water filtration, the first thing that may come to mind is a pitcher filter. However, if your household consumes more than two to three gallons of drinking water daily, an under-sink water filter might offer a more efficient solution than a traditional pitcher filter. The under-sink system ensures a constant supply of filtered drinking water on demand, eliminating the need to wait for the filtration process typical of a pitcher. This on-demand filtration also means the under-sink system can provide ample water for cooking and, for example, enables you to effortlessly fill a pot with filtered water to cook pasta without the inconvenience of repeatedly refilling a pitcher.
In comparison to pitcher filters, under-sink filters boast larger capacities and extended lifespans—often handling hundreds of gallons over six months or more. This contrasts with pitcher filters that typically manage 40 gallons for a two-month duration. Utilizing water pressure instead of gravity to drive water through the filter, under-sink systems achieve denser packing, effectively removing a wider spectrum of potential contaminants.
Nevertheless, it's important to note the higher initial cost of under-sink filters relative to pitcher filters. Additionally, both absolute and average replacement costs over time are greater. Furthermore, these systems occupy space within the sink cabinet that would otherwise be available for storage.

A Game-Changer in Filtration Technology
Our RTW5 series features a RO system for comprehensive water filtration, far exceeding the capabilities of a pitcher filtration system that is simply an activated carbon filter. While activated carbon is one of the steps of our RTW5 series filtration system, the water passes through additional filters, including a powerful reverse osmosis membrane that effectively removes up to 99% of contaminants. Advanced features, such as extended lifespan and comprehensive contaminant removal, make RO systems a wise choice for those committed to a healthier lifestyle.
Our current offerings also include space-efficient under-sink filters like the UC15 series, capable of eliminating 99% of chlorine. Installation is a breeze, taking less than 20 minutes. Additionally, our CUW4 model is designed for minimal space usage while still removing up to 99% of impurities and requiring less than 30 minutes for installation.

Purity in Every Drop
In conclusion, the quest for pure water is a journey towards a healthier, safer life. By understanding the nuances of water quality challenges and investing in quality filters, particularly RO systems, you can take a significant step towards ensuring pure and contaminant-free water for your daily needs. Pure water indeed translates to a pure and vibrant life.

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